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~ are you troubled with words? ~

Do you suffer from sagging stories that would be perfectly good with just a turn of their screws and a touch of polish?
Are you plagued by an intolerance to auto-captioning?
Saddened by a persistent silence where there should be a voiceover?
Or perhaps simply hungry for something satisfying to read?


Trust Julian Stuart—writer, editor, captioner and voice artist—to offer the choicest of solutions to bring you and the words you love back into perfect harmony.


04 Sep 2021: PBL 3.0: The "Hire Me" edition! Folks, I've been busy this year, and a lot of it has been behind the scenes, getting ready to go live with this. So, the rumours are true—if you fancy hiring an editor who has been described as "sharp, precise, and immensely valuable", or having audio magicked into text, or text magicked into audio, I can be yours to command! And you don't even need the summoning circle and the pigeons anymore! How good is that.

Please have a look through the site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via my shiny new topic-separated contact forms in each section. Or just say hi. I'm always glad to see you.

31 Aug 2021: HUNDRED WORD HORROR: ROCK BAND is out now! 100 100-word stories, including my story "Mayfair Tonsorial Parlour", and featuring easily THE most badass cover I have ever had the privilege to look upon. Get it here, in paperback or ebook, and rock out with us!

26 Jun 2021: Tiny news about a tiny story—my piece "Mayfair Tonsorial Parlour" will be appearing later this year in the anthology HUNDRED WORD HORROR: ROCK BAND, published by Ghost Orchid Press! This anthology topic is completely my jam and I cannot wait for it to be real.

23 Jun 2021: BUILDING BEYOND guest spot!

The divine Sarah Gailey, author and phenomenon, has graciously hosted me on their newsletter, Stone Soup for a spot of worldbuilding. They asked me to talk about lizards as currency. NOBODY made a Gordon Gecko joke.

Go have a look and a giggle, and if you want to be part of the fun, subscribe to Stone Soup! You'll be glad you did.

UPDATE: They let me come back!! And to talk about one of my very favourite subjects: robots. And the television they might watch in their downtime.


Read it on Fireside Fiction right now, absolutely free, or for beautiful ebook versions, you can purchase them or subscribe to Fireside for just $5 USD per month.

Ryan Boyd has assembled a totally unreal lineup. I'm so honoured to be part of it and you should check out everyone else too!

06 Dec 2020: Giant steps for a Julian—I have sold my queer, grimy, anticapitalist cyberpunk short story PAPA'S GONNA BUY YOU A MOCKINGBIRD to Fireside Magazine!

It will be appearing as part of the Spring 2021 issue, edited by Ryan Boyd, and I can't wait for you all to see it.

04 May 2019: My latest short story, HEX CODE, is now available pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold!

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