voice work

Sometimes the letters just don't do it all.

Whether audiobooks are an accessibility requirement or a personal preference; whether your business needs a professional greeting or phone message tree; whether you need an actor for a podcast or audio drama, Julian has you covered.

the voice

Julian has been reading stories out loud since they could read at all. They are a classically trained singer and a versatile, confident, smooth reader with many styles depending on what your project needs. They have nine years of experience writing and recording telephone greetings, including auto-attendant prompts and system prompts.

Voice: Natural speaking range counter-tenor to mezzo; can affect soprano and "cartoon" or childlike head voice, as well as a wide variety of timbres, emotional tones, and regional inflections. Natural accents Western Canadian English, Québec City Canadian French.

Equipment: Professional audio recording rig including Behringer C-1 microphone. Can produce all major file formats.

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